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Medical Assistant-FT-New Haven

Position Summary

This position provides and delivers quality, comprehensive patient care as directed by a licensed provider and under the supervision of the Practice Manager.

General responsibilities

• Responsible for the entire patient flow process to include maintaining exam rooms; supplies; waste materials; medical records flow; chart tracking all records; patient instruction sheets; nightly lockdown and openings when designated shift start & end times are dictated; growth grids; immunizations tracking in MCIR on a daily basis to insure patient immunizations are up to date. • Perform diagnostic procedures within the scope of the MA role.

• Autoclave / sterilize and maintain instruments.

• Conduct daily patient education and distribute materials.

• Practice infection control at all times

. • Communicate with patients to include triage; hospital; insurance companies; home care/nursing homes; pharmacy.

• Assist physician with all procedures or processes.

• Perform basic lab/X-ray procedures as necessary such as basic chest & extremities; venipunctures; heel & finger sticks; cultures-GC, Strep B, Chlamydia and Herpes; UA; EKG etc.

• Maintain sample medications for inventory and expiration dates.

• Conduct patient referrals and pre-authorizations as directed.

• Assist in orientation of new hires and completion of orientation check list.

• Participate in required continuing education for immunizations and all other clinic processes.

• Participate in working in the lab or xray as needed.

• Successfully complete all competenecies required by DCS, including lab and xray.

• Successfully compelte all documentation in EHR; including all tracking processes for referrals, lab and hospitalization.

• Use MCIR website and EHR on a monthly basis for MCIR to send letters (recall/reminders) to patients that are due or overdue for vaccines or tests.

• Maintain levels of certification as needed.

• Other duties as assigned.

Education and/or Experience

High School diploma or GED AND Graduate in Medical Assistance or Nursing with a C or better G.P.A.


Approved certification, registration, and/or license to practice in the state of Michigan as applicable. Minimally, certification as a Medical Assistant obtained within six months from date of hire.


Relevant work experience in a medical center preferred.

Date Posted: Jun 9, 2016  |  Job ID: 004

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Eligibility Specialist-Homeless Healthcare-FT-Port Huron

Position Summary

The Eligibility Specialist provides initial screening and assessment of the needs of patients including appropriate referrals and follows up. This position coordinates and provides services such as eligibility determinations, referrals and linkages to other programs/agencies and to clients at the medical center and at program sites.

General responsibilities

• Promote and maintain awareness of Agency programs, services, and activities.

• Complete and submit encounter forms for entry into EMR system.

• Authorize medical, dental, and vision appointments for Sliding Fee patients.

• Add or change the Medical Center Sliding Scale Program participant list and distribute to pharmacies and pertinent staff.

• Coordinate the yearly Sliding Scale Program participant renewal processing.

• Greet and assist walk-in patients. • Assist with Marketplace and Medicaid Applications

• Input patient information in EMR System (eCW)

• Application of PAP (Patient Assistance Programs) if warranted

• Follow through with written and provider referrals/actions

• Assist patients with Utility assistant/THAW or other applications

• Monitor and authorize continued eligibility of Sliding Fee status when necessary outside of the one year deadline

• Conduct resource search and advocate for clients with special needs.

• Coordinate client transportation.

• Develop inter-agency network as a means of referral sources, such as employment, training, housing, etc.

• Attend meetings, seminars, workshops and conferences, as needed and approved for professional development and on behalf of DCS.

• Other Duties As Assigned

• Enroll new clients into HHC Program.

• Monitor and authorize continued eligibility of “homeless status” in HHC Program.

• Complete an assessment of patient needs • Coordinate county ordering of medical supplies and medications for clients.

• Follow through with written orders in client charts as directed by practitioner.

• Authorize and arrange medical, dental and vision appointments.

Education and/or Experience

High School Diploma or General Education Degree(GED) with relevant experience preferred

Date Posted: Aug 22, 2016  |  Job ID: 002

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Receptionist-FT-New Haven (bilingual Spanish preferred)

Position Summary

The Receptionist provides initial and subsequent reception of patients into care, including telephonically. This position performs clerical functions and collects patient information and updates required for entry and care, including identification, financial statistics and personal information.

General Responsibilities

•Greet clients and answer telephone calls politely, and screen and forward calls appropriately.

• Greet clients and assist with any questions/concerns.

• Answer client questions as needed both telephonically and in person.

• Schedule/update client appointments correctly paying attention to detail.

• Call clients in advance to confirm/remind of appointment

• Accurately enter and update any new information into patient’s account into computer system, i.e. new demographic information and insurance information.

• Scan all necessary forms into patients’ EHR

• Responsible for education and enrolling patients in the patient portal

• Complete billing jellybeans in a timely manner to reconcile any billing errors

• Follow proper office opening and closing procedures.

• Promote and maintain awareness of Agency programs, services, and activities.

• Attend meetings, seminars, workshops and conferences, as needed and approved for professional development and on behalf of DCS.

• Other duties as assigned.

• Triage effectively and efficiently (verbally and through eCW).

• Check to make sure all charts have been scanned into eCW for next day’s appointments.

• Verify each patient’s insurance for next day’s appointment.

• Obtain driver’s license and signatures for required written medications.

• Sign for all package deliveries for the medical center and warn medical assistants immediately when refrigerated items are delivered.

• Assist patients at check-out with re-check appointments, payments, printing out receipts for each patient for all monies collected for co-pays, print out patient visit summaries and typing work/school notes as requested by provider.

• Check for new demographic information, change in patient EHR and scan in insurance cards and IDs at patient arrival time.

• May be responsible for day receipts, cash and credit card balances.

Unique Responsibilities for Bilingual Receptionist

• Provide translation services to patients on phone and in person visits (in exam rooms for Medical Center).

• Assist Eligibility Specialist and provide translation to patients applying for Sliding Fee/Medicaid (Medical Center only)

• Provide translation service on dedicated Spanish line.

• Translate forms from English to Spanish and Spanish to English as needed.

Education and/or Experience

High School diploma or General Education Degree (GED)

Date Posted: Jul 27, 2016  |  Job ID: 001

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Medical Biller-FT-New Haven


Position Summary

In collaboration with the Billing Supervisor and Finance Department, the Medical Biller ensures the timely and accurate processing of patient billing.


General responsibilities

  • Enter and/or review service charges in billing software on a daily basis.
  • Assist patients with insurance billing concerns.
  • Apply and verify Clinical Procedure Coding & ICD-9 coding.  
  • Post accounts receivables for all insurance and patient accounts.
  • Prepare reports and billings for hard copy and electronic transmissions.
  • Prepare and print month-end and year-end reports.
  • Update fee schedules as directed by the Chief Financial Officer
  • Problem-solve computer issues relative to billing processes.
  • Review and correct all insurance rejections.
  • Assist with daily reports as needed.
  • Keep apprised and inform doctors on new insurance changes or billing codes.
  • Run and work delinquent claim reports and/or held claim reports on a regular basis.
  • Must participate in Quality Improvement activities.
  • Attend meetings, seminars, workshops and conferences, as needed and approved for professional development and on behalf of DCS.
  • Other duties as assigned.

Education and/or Experience

High School Diploma or General Education Diploma (GED).


Ability to relate with effectiveness to the public, patients, health care providers and reimbursement sources


Minimum one year experience in medical billing or completion of a medical billing course.

Date Posted: Oct 15, 2015  |  Job ID: 005

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